Visit Athens and Stay in Kifissia

Kifissia is at the northern part of Athens, extends from Parnitha to Pentelicon mountain and is just 15 km away from the center of Athens city. It is the commercial center of the northern suburbs of Athens and famous for its luxurious villas, the healthy climate, the shops and the flower show. Today, Kifissia is an area with charming cafes and restaurants, shopping centers with attitude and great accommodation suggestions.

Let’s take a walk in Kifissia through the history and everything you need to experience in Kifissia today.


Kifissia was inhabited since antiquity. It was the homonymous municipality of Athens according to the administrative division implemented in Attica by Cleisthenes (5th century BC). Throughout the history of Athens, Kifissia was that point of Attica where wealthy citizens built their summer houses to take advantage of the healthy climate of the region and the tranquility that they enjoyed from the environment of the region, among them the famous Roman, Herod the Atticus. Kifissia lived intensely all the events of modern and contemporary history of Greece, as the fierce battle that took place here during the “December Events”. At his home in Kifissia, I. Metaxas said the brave “No” to the Italian ambassador when asked for the surrender of Greece. This event marked the involvement of Greece in the Second World War. In 1934 the famous Kifissia Flower Show began, which continues until today to attract the attention of many visitors.

Things to do

Today Kifissia is a large municipality of Athens and offers a range of interesting suggestions for dining, drinking and shopping. The urbanism of Kifissia with major pedestrian streets, many corners with green groves and recreation areas enable visitors to take long walks in nature, shop with comfort and enjoy coffee and food in different parts of the region. In Kifissia also you can visit museums, including the Museum of Natural History, who founded by the Goulandris family, and many cinemas. Finally, in Kifissia you can also take a ride on bikes enjoying the nature and your favorite sport.

Where to stay in Kifissia

The Kifissia has a long history in hospitality and luxury hotels. In the early 19th century the first hotel opened in Kifissia. Hotel Mela (now a shopping mall), the Plaza, the Aegli, the Pyrna are the first hotels opened in the region, followed by the hotels Apergi, Cecil and Pentelikon. Today the great tradition of hospitality continues with many hotels operating in this idyllic suburb of Athens.